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Elon Musk is officially even more awesome

Through Tesla, Elon is becoming a major reason the world is starting to transition towards the use of sustainable energy. So, he is clearly amazing for that reason alone. But he's just done something that makes him even more awesome!

When the wildfires recently started-up in California, Tesla sent out notifications to Tesla owners in the area letting them know that they would have free access to Supercharging stations. They hoped this would make it easier for people to evacuate the area.

The company did the same thing back in September when they wanted to help people escape Hurricane Florence, which caused significant damage in the Carolinas.

The technology inside Tesla vehicles is also proving to be super useful in emergency situations. The air filtration system in the vehicles is similar to the filtration used in hospitals, clean rooms, and laboratories. The HEPA filters are capable of filtering the outdoor air so that passengers inside the vehicle have safe, clean air. This means that while people are evacuating the fires, they won't have to breathe polluted air.

Amazing right?! It seems that Elon and his company just want to help people, in addition to pioneering sustainable energy development.


Let us know what you think of Elon and Tesla!

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