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Blueprint Design

Technical & Helpful

If you have an idea of what you want your building to look like, work with Green Slate to finalize the design and receive a complete set of drawings including:

floor plans

foundation plan

exterior elevations

building sections

roof plan

construction details

construction notes/specifications

The drawings are simple, organized, easy to read and have an exact "recipe" for how the construction will work.

The following optional drawings are also available:

interior elevations

furniture, fixtures, equipment plan

demolition plan

finishes plan

interior/exterior perspectives

We can produce permit drawings for:

new builds





detached garages

ICF buildings

commercial projects

residential projects


Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 4.23.58 PM.png

Package Extras:

To make your life easier and the project management / construction process simpler, we can provide the following in your drawing package if required:

- Window and Door Schedules

- Material Lists

- Cabinet Specifications

- Product Specifications

For contractors and professionals:

We also provide BCIN drawing reviews. Send us your finalized plans and we will look them over for you!


We'll let you know if we find any errors, we'll make the appropriate changes, and you're drawings will receive our BCIN stamp.

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