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Clarissa Froom


I want my designs to be everything a client asks for, but I still want to help minimize the impact that the built world has on the natural world. There's no reason a building can't be beautiful, functional, and good for the planet. 


I want to encourage clients to see things differently and excite them with bold patterns, mixtures of texture and colour, and create spaces that have personality and character. I look forward to meeting you and working together to create something great!

When I'm not working...

I surround myself with things I love and everything that makes me happy. I'm obsessed with dogs and an avid coffee-drinker. I need houseplants around me and I get outside whenever I can. I'm a beginner-yogi, an amateur chef, a painter, and I believe days full of music are the best days!

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Text or call: 226-868-1880

I'm from Waterloo, Ontario and have a degree in Architecture and Project Management.

Continually inspired by nature, I have a passion for renovation projects and sustainable design. I love working with clients throughout the creative process to make those renovation dreams come true and help a home reach its full potential.


When I'm not working...

I spend time with family and friends.You can find me in the kitchen whipping up some new vegan recipes or outdoors enjoying nature with my Bernese/Shepherd pup!