The Building Designer

Clarissa Froom


It sounds like a cliché, but I want to make a difference. 

When I was a kid, I was definitely the one out watching butterflies, building ant farms, and rescuing turtles off the road. Now that I'm older, I love the same things but I have found a way to put that passion to good use. 


With a passion for all things surrounding the environment and planet, I loved the idea of turning my interests into a useful skill. This is why I chose to pursue a career in building design with an emphasis on the sustainable  possibilities that are present in every project. 

I want my designs to be everything a client asks for, but I still want to help minimize the impact that the built world has on the natural world. There's no reason a building can't be beautiful, functional, and good for the planet. In order to accomplish this, I love studying and applying advanced techniques and technologies that are modern and highly practical. 

My favourite concepts for sustainable design come from  Net Zero, Living Building Challenge, and LEED Principles, and I'm very interested in the new Positive Energy strategy. My design style however, is versatile and fun. I want to encourage clients to see things differently and excite them with bold patterns, mixtures of texture and colour, and create spaces that have personality and character. I look forward to meeting you and working together to create something great!

When I'm not working...

I surround myself with things I love and everything that makes me happy. I'm obsessed with dogs and an avid coffee-drinker. I need houseplants around me and I get outside whenever I can. I live in the city but my heart is in the country. I'm a beginner-yogi, an amateur chef, a painter, and I believe days full of music are the best days!

My first love is design, but sometimes you have to relax your mind and let yourself be inspired by other things around you.

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Text or call: 226-218-4217