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Interior of Restaurant

Creative & Unique

Your personal style and needs are important to us!

We care about what you want to get out of a design and we won't pressure you into a decision you aren't comfortable with.

If you have a hodgepodge of inspiration images from Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram and you can't seem to combine them in the right way, we can help you create your own, unique space that is a mix of everything you love!

We understand that every client has different needs and we take the time to get to know as much as we can about you and your life before we start the design process. 

Contact us to get assistance with:

  • Concept development: concept design work for residential, retail, hospitality, and commercial projects

  • 3D Rendering: better visualize your space before you begin your project


  • Space planning: Layouts/floor plans for new builds, renovations, or additions, for commercial and residential projects

  • Accessibility: Barrier-free design

  • Decorating: Lighting, furniture, finishes and fixture selection


  • Outdoor living: Deck and porch design


  • Energy efficiency: Designing and minimizing your energy use​

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