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IKEA is helping stray dogs and it makes me so happy

So let me start this post by saying that dogs are very important to me.

And... I love IKEA and what they stand for. So, this news basically combines two awesome things!

Let me first explain why IKEA is a great company:

They believe in making products that are durable and timeless. This means that there should be less need to frequently replace their products which means there should be a subsequent decrease in consumption.

Also, at many locations, they have a take-back initiative. This means you can take your lightly used furniture back to IKEA and return it for store credit. This is a strategy meant to reduce waste.

IKEA has also made plans to ensure they only use recycled and renewable materials in their products by 2030.

AMAZING, right?!

Now they are impressing us, once again, by showing compassion for stray dogs.

This isn't a company-wide initiative (I WISH!), but the staff at the Catania, Italy location of IKEA have decided to welcome stray dogs into their store to help keep them warm in the winter and give them a little taste of what having a home would feel like.

Isn't this almost sweet enough to make you cry?

But the store has done more than give them temporary shelter. The staff members also feed the strays and give them lots of attention and affection! Not surprisingly... some of the cute puppers and doggos have even found permanent homes with staff and customers.

So let's just all agree that IKEA is amazing and more companies should take-note and follow suit.


Let us know what you think about IKEA's initiatives and who they are as a company!

Stay green and be nice to doggos xox

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